Why should Schools use a Software Programme for Managing Attendance and Fees?

Best Attendance Management Software and Systems in India 2022


It is important for the educational institution to ensure students' safety. Taking regular attendance of all students is a tedious task, and the majority of schools still take student attendance by hand. The student attendance management system in school ERP software is a helpful module for such institutions. School teachers are accustomed to recording present or absent next to each student's name in the attendance register at the beginning of each day to take attendance. The small boxes are frequently mixed up, which can cause mistakes.

Additionally, it consumes a significant amount of class time that teachers could be used for instruction and learning. In this article, we'll look at how school ERP's student attendance management software can help schools increase the accuracy and efficiency of their work while giving them a little more time to give their students the very best education possible. Also, integrating it with the fee management system will ease the process for the admin team and teachers.


About the Student Attendance Management System

A student attendance management system is a feature of school ERP software that enables teachers and administrators to electronically record student and staff attendance. It provides an easy-to-use attendance interface for manual marking or, if the school chooses, automatic marking using integrations like biometric devices or an RFID reader gateway. While standalone student attendance management systems are also available, purchasing one that is a part of school management ERP software enables schools to sync all changes you make in one module with others.

About the Fee Management System

Software that automates the collection of fees and the creation of receipts is known as a fee management system. For instance, in a school setting, the system controls tuition fees, other fees, project fees, and other costs associated with providing services to students. The school administrator benefits from automated fee collection, receipt generation, refund generation, and invoice reminders. Both the user and the school administrator benefit from increased productivity decreased maintenance costs, and time and effort savings.

Benefits of Student Attendance Management System

  1. Simple for Teachers to Use

Teachers will use the system primarily to regularly monitor student attendance. Therefore, schools must choose an ERP for schools that provides an easy-to-use student attendance system. For teachers to mark students' attendance with ease, the student attendance management system should be simple to use.

  1. Attendance Reports

It's critical to track down student absenteeism patterns using attendance reports. The teacher will be able to identify the students who miss class the most and take appropriate action to ensure better attendance. Teachers can verify reports on student attendance from the student attendance management system. This will make their job much simpler because they will be able to tell at a glance whether the student requires extra help due to their chronic absences or not.

  1. Conversing with the Parents

Parents also have the right to know about their child's attendance history at school, just like teachers. This increases student security and keeps parents informed about their child's punctuality practices. The school ERP software's school attendance system enables the schools to notify the parents when a student is absent from class. In this way, if the student misses class secretly, parents can take protective measures earlier.

Benefits of Fee Management System

  1. Encompass Full Fee Management

Schools can integrate a full fee management system if they are using a top-tier student management system. Schools have the option to set up a comprehensive fee structure according to the type of student, course, or service required. The system also grants them the authority to collect overdue payments and fines and perform the necessary functions.

  1. Manage Several Finances

Schools deal with a range of payment methods. They collect money from people for forms, exams, registration fees, maintenance security deposits, scholarships, and sponsorship, among other things. All of these tasks can be handled by a fee management system. It streamlines, expedites, and simplifies fee management operations.

  1. Convenient Online Transactions

A preferred payment gateway is required for your student management system. Students can easily submit their fees online thanks to payment integration. In this way, it would be possible for you to take payments online and keep records of them more easily. The reports produced by online payment contain all of the crucial transactional information, and you can access them whenever required.


A student attendance management system gives teachers more convenience while ensuring student attendance, alerting staff to unusual absenteeism, and increasing student security. It quickens both the daily and lecture-based attendance checks. Among the many academic operations that call for automation, fee management is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks to handle. A piece of educational technology that targets the institutions' trouble spots, fixes them, and fortifies them to grow. The Fundamental Component of such realistic technology is the attendance management software and fee management system in a student management program.