Vacation Rental Success Plan

Vacation Rental Business Plan Template (15 Steps + PDF)

Investing in vacation rental property is not a snap choice. There are several variables to consider when deciding whether to establish a company in this rapidly increasing market.

What are YOUR options?

The most important contributions, perhaps, come from the groundwork required in developing a smart vacation rental company and management strategy — long before you hand over the money or get the keys. Creating a successful business plan can assist you in identifying risks before investing, which will assist you in determining the likelihood of your firm succeeding.

What is the definition of a vacation rental business plan?

Simply said, a business plan is a comprehensive collection of rules, objectives, and frameworks that will guide you as you make choices about your new firm and its future. How?

Not only will the business plan assist you in defining the strategy with which you will operate your firm, but it will also serve as a handy tool to go to often to ensure you are heading correctly.

Why is a business plan necessary for your vacation rental property?

Many enthusiastic vacation rental owners are keen to immediately start purchasing their homes - who wouldn't be? Any vacancy or downtime on the property means that you are losing money. Before diving in, bear in mind that your vacation rental company strategy is what will assure you optimize your profit. With a sound vacation rental strategy, what you lose in early vacancies will be more than made up for.

Apart from generating money, having a business plan for your vacation rental can ensure that you stay on track, meet your objectives, and correctly measure your success. This plan will assist you in laying the groundwork for your company while also ensuring that you establish quantifiable objectives for success and profitability. For instance, how can you ensure that your advertising spend isn't excessive or that your average daily fee isn't too low until you've established a business plan?

Common Mistakes When Creating a Vacation Rental Business Plan

Ignoring the rivalry

While you may believe that your vacation rental is the greatest on the block, bear in mind that your competition shares your sentiment. Occasionally, even the most opulent vacation accommodations are blown away by their rivals.

Competitors may outperform you on price, value, style, and availability, to name a few! Consider your competitive advantage from all angles; how can you outperform the other vacation rentals in your area?

Unrealistic financial projections

We all could earn a million dollars in our first year in operation. Still, it is just not possible—one of the most frequent errors in overestimating income while underestimating budget.

It's wonderful to be optimistic about your company and even encouraged to dream big but remain realistic when it comes to money.

Vacation rental business plan: suggestions & tactics

You now have a complete business plan - congratulations, you're ready to start! Not exactly. Before you put pen to paper and begin writing your business plan, there are a few additional points to consider.

With the sector becoming more competitive daily and more websites offering your rivals' rentals, you may be seeking an advantage.

Here are four of our top-secret, insider secrets and tactics for ensuring your continued dominance!

Quality above quantity:

When you're purchasing a pair of shoes, one pair is $30, badly built, and likely to come apart within a week, while the other is $50 but manufactured nicely and sturdy. Which one will you pick?

Obviously, like everyone else, you'll prefer the quality and the worth of the item above the price.

This also applies to your holiday rental. Remember earlier we spoke about looking at your competition and how much they charge? Don't forget that most consumers will select a value above money, so do not sacrifice one for another.

Get yourself out there:

Promote, advertise, advertise! The more places you market your company (your site, OTAs, Facebook, etc.), the more reservations you're likely to receive.

It is a numbers game - the more people who look at your ad, the more guests you'll have. Simple! Use a vacation rental channel manager to sync all of your calendars together to prevent double bookings. 


Your holiday rental demands a good vacation rental business strategy. It's crucial to explain every bit of information you can so there are no surprises regarding competition, operations, budget, and everything in between. When you lead with a strategy, you're setting your new company endeavor up for success.